Tuesday, November 24, 2009

My Birthday!

It was just my birthday, figured you might want to see a few pictures of the day, so here they are:

My Friends Jerome, River, Jasmine, and my mommy.

My friends playing with all my toys, we had a blast!


I love cupcakes!!

Me and my cousin Hunter.

I was scared of this one!

Did I mention I LOVE cupcakes?

Thank you to everyone that came for the wonderful gifts and the great time, I really had so much fun.

And here's the video my Mommy made for me! It's the BESTEST gift ever, thanks Mommy!


  1. The pictures are great but I LOVE the video!! Great job!

  2. It looks like Sky had a lovely birthday! That's cute that he loves cupcakes.

    When Laney saw Sky's orange/blue sippy cup in the background, she said to me, "odder, odder" (water). She has the same cup.

    The slideshow your mom made was absolutely beautiful. You look amazing pregnant.